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Why feed raw & natural?   

Raw diets are chock full of enzymes, protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids that have not been cooked away. Natural Raw Diets are centered on protein and fat, and are very low in carbohydrates and do not contain any wheat. This is why most raw feeders notice healthier pets that are full of energy.  Your pet’s food needs to provides nutrients and energy, that are needed to keep them alive and healthy, and support growth.   A kibble-based diet that consist of grains, wheat, and starchy carbohydrates cannot give your pet the correct nutrition to thrive. 

What is the advantage of feeding a natural diet to my dog and cat?

There are several remarkable benefits to feeding your pet a raw diet.                  


*Much less shedding

*Healthier skin and a shinier coat

*Easier on a dog’s and cat’s digestive system

*Better controlled weight

*Far less allergy symptoms

*Reduced vet bills later as your pets get older

*Longer, healthier lives

What Most People See when Feeding a Raw Diet

​Years ago when we first started making our own balanced raw food for our dogs, we knew it was better for their health. Being skeptical I disregarded the claims that excessive shedding would stop and the coat of a dog would be much more healthier looking. Not looking for it to happen, we could not help but notice a month later shedding almost stopped and their coats looked phenomenal 

Years later when we started producing raw mixes for clients that were looking to feed a more healthy diet, we began getting reports back claiming within two weeks their dog had all but stopped shedding, and their coat was looking great, and energy levels were higher.

With healthier quality diets comes a much healthier pet. It’s not uncommon to hear of allergies, rashes or itchy skin clearing up after switching to a raw diet. One of the most common things that we have seen  is that pets have stopped shedding. We have seen many cases where frequently returning ear infections were eliminated. Most of these claims are made shortly after switching to a raw diet and not over a long period of time. We do not make any claims about what a raw diet can and can’t do. You be the judge. It really can’t hurt to try.


O-WOW makes the process of feeding a natural diet simple and convenient, minimizing your dirty  work and maximizing OWOW'S expertise.


At Owow we are all about making your pet's diet a great one!

We provide the best Raw Pet Diets in the country- as well as All-Natural Dehydrated Treats.






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