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Meet The Team

These are our partners and are some of the BEST in the business that understand raw feeding.  They will help with  your decision in making  the best possible choice  for your pet to help them thrive. Please visit them for more information. 

A MESSAGE TO OUR MANY LOYAL CUSTOMERS. Below is a list of our partners that help us get the word out, and are a tremendous help to us in providing you with a great diet for your pet.  If you are in the area of one or more of these fine establishment’s, please patronize their businesses and let them know you appreciate their help as much as we do. It will mean a lot to us and will help enable us to continue to provide you with a great product at a fair price.

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141 Newport Ave East Providence (Rumford)

You will find outstanding grooming skills at this facility. Very pleasant people to deal with and at a great price + a professional opinion on feeding a natural diet to your pet.  They are carrying a supply of Owow single tubes and Jerky Snacks.

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 401 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI

Cuts, Perms, Color,
Manicures, Pedicures & More!

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619 Putnam Pike, Greenville

With over 40 years of grooming experience between Chrissy & I. We love what we do & it shows.

It is all about the comfort & care for your furry friends. 

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Foster  area


   Kennel · Dog Day Care Center                                     Life is Better on the Farm!

We started our enrichment program for dogs in 2011 while based in Scituate Village - but the dogs have spoken and they prefer the "country" so we moved to 46 private acres in Foster, RI!  Because we live here on the property - only clients with appointments can visit our facility.  Make an appointment and come for a tour!

trish h.jpg
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1182 Putnam Pike Chepachet RI

wed-fri 11am-3pm

sat-sun 11am-5pm

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Dtails is a full-service grooming salon, high end pet boutique, photography center, & dog enrichment school. We cater to every breed big and small, even our feline friends! Every stylist at Dtails has multiple certifications in many different areas, but ALL are certified in CPR, Safety, and Sanitation. We also LOVE to do Creative Grooming!

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