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At Owow we are all about making your pet's diet a great one!

We provide the best Raw Pet Diets in the country- as well as All-Natural Dehydrated Treats.           


We are a growing, family-owned and operated company based in Rhode Island. The decision to change our pet’s food to a raw diet came after a very long time of conducting research, and we eventually became positive that it was the right decision. We had many questions that needed to be answered, and it took time to weed through the misinformation that's out there. Without a doubt we can bring to you and your pet a superior pet diet.           


Our objective was to formulate a mixture of the highest quality ingredients, with each ingredient playing a key role in the nutritional value, that is ideal for growth and maintaining a healthy life for your pet. We want your pet to thrive--not just survive. Our raw diets are made from lean muscle meats, heart & kidney for organ meat, and liver. We do not use meat trimming as a meat source because the percentage of fat is not desirable for our products. Our raw diets use approximately 5% liver & 10% organ meats.


We only use human-grade ingredients in our pet diets. Even though using animal-grade ingredients would allow us to decrease the price of our product, it would also increase the risk of disease and contamination of our pet diets and this we just will not do. We will not compromise the quality of our products.



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O-WOW makes the process of feeding a natural diet simple and convenient, minimizing your dirty  work and maximizing OWOW'S expertise.

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