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ALL NATURAL BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE DIETS CUSTOM MIXED - you can choose one of our many custom made diets or ask, and we will put one together for you.

A custom diet is a mix that a client has requested. In most cases the client has some knowledge of animal nutrition and is adding other ingredients to this to make it more balanced. The ingredients have been altered from one of our other diets.                                                

This diet comes in 2 lb. tubes and is a high percentage meat mix together with organ meat (heart and kidney) and liver.  CUSTOM RABBIT is made up  RABBIT both human-grade. Organ meat (heart and kidney) is added to the total mix between 5% by weight to match a natural diet. Even though LIVER is an organ, it has some different qualities than the other organ meats and needs to be limited to about 5% to match a natural diet.



Once you have decided on the type of  pet diet, you may contact OWOW directly and place an order over the phone. You may contact us by text or E-mail to let us know you are ready, and we will call you for the order and answer any questions.

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