ALL NATURAL BIOLOGICALLY APPROPRIATE DIETS CUSTOM MIXED - you can choose one of our many custom made diets, or we'll help you put one together.

   40 lbs deal                                      you get      20    2 lb tubes 

*ADVANTAGE   Rabbit*   



40 lb.


ADVANTAGE           CHICKEN, BEEF,RABBIT                       $89.64

20 lb.

*ADVANTAGE Rabbit*   

 Another high percentage meat mix that also comes in 2 lb tubes, with a low percentage fruit/vegetable mix. The difference here is the rice has been eliminated from this style mix. Just like in the ADVANTAGE  rabbit  is the main meat for the ADVANTAGE PLUS  and is human-grade rabbit.  Organ meat (heart and kidney) is added to the total mix between 8 to 10% by weight to match a natural diet. Even though LIVER is an organ, it has some different qualities than the other organ meats and needs to be limited to about 5% to match a natural diet. Chicken egg is added as the egg is one of the greatest protein sources available. We use fresh Atlantic Salmon in this custom mix. Fish and other seafood are excellent protein sources for dogs and cats while being relatively low in saturated fats and low in calories (good for weight control). To eliminate some parasites found in fish, our salmon is lightly cooked. Therefore, our raw pet food does not contain raw fish. Fish is also a great source of omega 3 EFA. This is where the difference is. This custom mix gets a mixture of fruit & vegetable, BUT the white rice is eliminated. We only use human-grade ingredients in our pet diets. Even though using animal-grade ingredients would allow us to decrease the price of our product, it would also increase the risk of disease and contamination of our pet diets and this we just will not do. We will not compromise the quality of our products.


Rabbit, Salmon, Beef Liver, Beef Organ Meat, Carrots, Lowfat Plain 
Yogurt, Pumpkin, Eggs, Beets, Green Beans, 

Crude Protein (Min)_______  17.5% 
Crude Fat (Min)__________     5.0%
Fiber  (Max)_____________     0.6%                       
Moisture Max ___________   72.3%
Serving Size:  16 oz.                                         OWOW PREMIUM DOG FOOD
Servings Per Container:  2                                            With Rabbit & Salmon          
                                                                                      NET WT. 2 LB (970.185g)